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Live and Let Love...


Idiot sevaant

Icons by forgivengeful

This is my personal icons journal. I'm just your average LJ addict who likes to create and share icons and such. I am usually willing to take requests so if you have any please leave a comment. Please read the instructions for requests and the RULES below! Thnx!

CREDITING If you're taking any of my icons, please credit me for them. One of the great things about a system like live journal is sharing, whether it's icons or life stories, so please credit any icon maker, so other's know where to find their work and the sharing keeps movin' along.

EDITING Editing is fine if icons are specifically noted as bases. Some textless icons may not be bases and were created with the intention of not being altered. Make sure you know before changing and editing an icon!

HOT/DIRECT LINKING DO NOT...i repeat...DO NOT HOTLINK!!! "But I don't know what it is! How do I know if I'm doing it or not?" Well, my friend, simply click here, and all you questions will be answered.
REQUESTS Requests MAY be made but in a specified fashion. "Hey, can you make me an icon?" is not an acceptable request. Please include a specific quote, screen cap, picture or any combination of the three. Then tell me whether you would like an icon, friends banner, header, or any combination of the three. If you so choose, you may also denote a color or colors to use. If I can process your request you will receive a response in the form of a commen from me within three days. I may comment using forgivengeful, my personal journal username, but it's still the same person. I love doing requests, but sometimes school and work take up the bulk of my time, so they cannot all be processed.

The L Word:
Me with some bases by maryangel200
Law & Order: SVU:
aleatory_6 and me
Info layout inspired by teh_indy
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